How to boy

In order to make a purchase in the store fleksystem.pl, the first step is to register.

This step is only required when visiting our website for the first time with the intent to purchase something.

Then, login and password chosen when registering are enough.


Making a registration, new customers are required to fill in all the fields in the registration form where they select their login (user name) and password

The user is obliged to provide the actual address data, so that it will be possible to deliver the order.



When the data is properly specified, press the 'send' option and the registration is complete, and you will see a confirmation of the ability to log in to the website with the username and password that has just been set.

If the registration process is not successful for some reason (for example, incorrectly specified data), an error report will appear and the registration should be repeated .

Once you log in, you can make a purchase.

If you know what you are looking for, you can insert a particular product such as shoehorn in a ?search? field and choose the 'search' option.



When you choose 'To Cart' option, the item is automatically added to your order and the order appears on the screen.



Then, you can determine the number of ordered items, remove the items of the order (if they are accidentally chosen) or continue shopping and complete the transaction by clicking on the 'order? option.

If everything is correct, you confirm the transaction. Then, you can edit the address where the order should be delivered and change the data for a VAT invoice.

If everything is correct press the 'next' option.



The next step is to choose a forwarder which will deliver the package.



If you have chosen the forwarder by selecting it on the visible list, the next step is to choose a payment way. Then, you confirm the order, which is the last step.



When you confirm the order by clicking on the 'Confirm order' option, you will receive a confirmation of the purchase on your email address.



If you have any problems, please contact us. We will help.



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